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  “Education is the third eye of human being”
  This hold very true in this modern world.
  We Indians are going to be the next super power of the world. This can only be possible by spreading the education at all parts of the country.
  If we take a look at the current educational scenario in India then it’s clear that there is a vast difference in the educational facilities as well as the quality in metro and rural areas. This distinction has to be covered up as soon as possible.
  In order to impart a quality professional education to the students from rural areas like Konkan region, Regal Educational Society is being established. This society is offering various professional courses conducted by reputed universities on India at an affordable cost.
  We are pledged to serve the nation by educating the younger generation, which in turn will add to the knowledge base of India.
  I welcome one and all to our campus!

Thank you.

Mr. Sanjay Shirke
Regal Education Society